The ICDR’s Administrative Review Council (Council) was created to act as the decision making authority for certain administrative issues arising on cases under the various rules applicable to cases administered by the ICDR. Issues that may be submitted to the Council include objections or challenges to the continuing service of an arbitrator; disputes regarding the location of hearings or the place of arbitration; disputes concerning the number of arbitrators that will be appointed to an arbitration; and whether the administrative requirements to initiate or file an arbitration contained in the applicable Rules have been met.

Parties to non-administered arbitrations also have the option of agreeing to submit objections or challenges to arbitrators’ continued service to the ICDR’s Administrative Review Council for determination. Keeping time and costs down can be particularly challenging when an arbitrator’s continued service is challenged in a non-administered case, and often the only recourse is to go to court to resolve the issue. As a cost-effective and expeditious option, parties may instead submit such disputes to the ICDR’s Administrative Review Council for resolution.

The Council is comprised of a group of current and former high-level AAA-ICDR executives who bring an extensive amount of ADR and case administration experience to the decision making process.

For detailed information about the Council and how it is used to resolve arbitrator challenges, review the Council Overview and Guidelines along with the Council Review Standards. These documents provide an outline of the process and of the standards the Council may consider in making its determinations.