ICDR Young & International (Y&I)

ICDR® Young & International (Y&I) is the networking group for arbitration and other ADR practitioners under 40 sponsored by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR), the international division of the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®). ICDR Y&I provides networking opportunities in the areas of commercial and public interest arbitration, as well as alternative dispute resolution.

ICDR Y&I operates both on a global and a regional basis. It cooperates with other international or regional organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. ICDR Y&I Associates are offered the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with their peers all over the world, and to benefit from the experience of more senior practitioners in seminars and conferences.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

18 February 2021: Webinar; ADR in Europe: Recent Developments and Future Trends 

20 February 2021: Webinar; Japan Vis Pre-Moot Seminar: Procedural Issues in International Arbitration and CISG Disputes Perspective 

Executive & Global Advisory Board

ICDR Y&I Executive & Global Advisory Board Members

The Global Advisory Board is the main body in charge of preparing and holding events and conferences. With the supervision of the Executive Board, the Global Advisory Board has the discretion to propose the topic, format, and venue of the events. Each member of the Global Advisory Board is expected to organize at least two events during his/her term in coordination with the Executive Board. The Global Advisory Board members also have an advisory function in the ICDR Y&I decision-making process with a focus on regional network-building through 
(1) encouraging membership in ICDR Y&I, 
(2) raising awareness of ICDR Y&I in the broader arbitration and ADR community and, 
(3) organizing ICDR Y&I initiatives. 
The Executive Board is the ultimate decision-maker for all ICDR Y&I activities, and the Executive Board steers all operations in close coordination with the ICDR. The Executive Board monitors the organization of each event proposed by the Global Advisory Board, and reports to the ICDR on the progress of the events’ preparation and their outcomes, as well as any other ICDR Y&I initiatives.

Library of Webinar Programs

14 April 2020: International Arbitration in the Time of COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

19 May 2020The Impact of the Great Lockdown on Construction Industry Arbitrations

27 May 2020COVID-19 and Construction: How COVID-19 Has Affected the Construction Sector in the Americas

4 June 2020: The Art of e-Advocacy: Persuasion in a World of Virtual Hearings

24 June 2020: ICDR Y&I Online Debate – Virtual Hearings and Cybersecurity in International Arbitration

9 July 2020: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? Mitigating the Impact of Covid-19 on Diversity and Recognizing Opportunities to Level the Playing Field

16 July 2020: Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Face of International Arbitration

21 July 2020: A Year of Change: Recent Developments in Europe and Why They Matter to Your Clients 

30 July 2020: Happy Hour Virtual: El futuro del arbitraje de inversión

22 September 2020: Efficiency and Innovation in Arbitration for International Construction Projects: A Comparative View Covering the US and Beyond

13 October 2020Job Opportunities in Times of Crisis

27 October 2020Informes de experto técnico y legal en arbitraje internacional: ¿quién, cuándo y cómo? 

29 October 2020Webinar Interview Series: Career Paths of Women in International Construction Arbitration

10 November 2020: Joinder of Parties and Virtual Hearings: When, Why and How?

16 November 2020: The In‐House Counsel’s Virtual Roundtable – Discussion on their Approach to an International Arbitration

1 December 2020: ICDR Americas' Conference 2020 - Day 1: Welcome Remarks & Corporate Counsel Dialogue

2 December 2020: ICDR Americas' Conference 2020 - Day 2: ICDR Rules Revisions & Discussion on Current Developments

10 December 2020: Arbitrating Emergencies in Banking and Finance Disputes – The Commercial and Investment Arbitration Perspectives 

16 December 2020: Fantastic Facts and Where to Find Them: Discovering Evidence From a Transatlantic Perspective 

15 January 2021: Japan/Asia update: Recent developments in international arbitration and dispute resolution