The ICDR®—International Centre for Dispute Resolution®— is the international division of the largest arbitral institution in the world, the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®). The ICDR is the foremost provider of global conflict-resolution solutions to businesses and organizations involved in cross-border disputes.

Drawing on the AAA’s 95+ years of experience, the ICDR administrative system offers a range of international alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services providing time and cost savings, along with vetted, skilled arbitrators and advanced technology.


Global expertise matters. The ICDR is unique among arbitral institutions offering broad capabilities and innovation in its international alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. 

ICDR International Dispute Resolution Procedures

The International Dispute Resolution Procedures have been tried and tested in awards recognized and enforced in jurisdictions around the world. They are the pioneers of key rule mechanisms, such as access to an emergency relief arbitrator at the time of filing and mediation conducted concurrently with arbitration.

Party-Centered Resolution Services

The ICDR embraces a party-centered approach that empowers parties and arbitrators to settle their disputes more effectively with a number of ICDR time- and cost-savings options.

ICDR Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators

The importance of global expertise is demonstrated by its worldwide international roster comprised of hundreds of highly regarded, diverse business professionals, attorneys, and former dignitaries, all specialists in international dispute resolution.

Local Expertise around the World

The ICDR manages cases in state-of-the-art offices and hearing centers all over the world, with dedicated offices in New York City, Singapore, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, as well as 20+ other AAA-ICDR domestic offices. The ICDR maintains a global network of cooperative agreements in 80+ countries—sharing access to hearing rooms, facilities, and information. Specialized initiatives include ICDR Canada, handling Canadian domestic disputes nationwide, and ICDR Singapore, which focuses on the ICDR’s international services in Asia.

ICDR Administrative Services

The ICDR utilizes state-of-the-art electronic administrative platforms. The case is entered via the AAA-ICDR WebFile system; parties (through AAA WebFile®) and arbitrators (through the Panelists eCenter®) access and manage their cases remotely. They can upload documents, review financials, and track the status of all their cases from initiation to award.

Global experience working with law firms and international businesses along with its multilingual staff form an integral part of its administrative system.