ICDR-AAA Services

The International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®) is the international division of the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®) and the world’s leading provider of dispute resolution services to businesses in matters involving cross-border transactions.

Rules Innovators. The ICDR was created over 20 years ago so that parties could have use of the top-quality service platform of the AAA with a separate international operational structure that includes rules, arbitrators, mediators, administration, case-management staff, and executive management. Since that genesis, the ICDR has become recognized as the leader in rule innovation, pioneering key rule mechanisms, such as the emergency interim relief provision.

Leader in Case Filings. Now a leader in international arbitration and mediation case filings, the ICDR is invited and sought out collaboratively by industry groups, lawyer organizations, governments, educational institutions, arbitral institutions, and multilateral organizations like UNCITRAL.  

Party-Centered Processes. The suite of ICDR resolution services assists in minimizing the impact of disputes by resolving them early and/or with less disruption to business. Options are party-centered, offering a broad choice of dispute-management strategic approaches. The ICDR's experience in working with law firms and international businesses along with its multilingual staff form an integral part of the dispute resolution process.

ICDR Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators

A worldwide panel of hundreds of independent arbitrators and mediators with subject-matter expertise is available to hear and resolve cases in the full range of offered services. ICDR panel members are held to the highest standards; for more information, see
AAA-ICDR® Standards of Conduct for Parties and Representatives. The ICDR process encourages party input into the selection of arbitrators and mediators for their cases.

ICDR Administrative Services

The ICDR includes a team of multinational and multilingual professionals fluent in the world’s business languages to manage international cases with global parties. All Vice Presidents, Directors, Case Counsel, Finance Managers, and other staff are trained, skilled, and involved in the full-service administration and management of international arbitration and mediation cases. Specifically, this full service encompasses helping parties with an administrative conference call, appointing a mediator and/or the arbitration tribunal, handling disclosure or challenge issues, providing secure online case-management document storage, scheduling logistics during the case, confirming hearing dates, and reviewing each award. 

ICDR Dispute Resolution

The ICDR has had record arbitration and mediation case filings over the past few years. It works closely with members of industry groups to create dispute resolution services tailored to meet their specific needs. These initiatives include specific procedures and expert panels of arbitrators and mediators reflective of industry practices. Unless the arbitration clause states otherwise, parties to arbitration and mediation can choose a variety of options within the ICDR administrative structure, including:

  • Applicable procedural rules,
  • Appointment methodologies,
  • Language,
  • Fee schedules,
  • Online case access, and
  • Location of the arbitration or mediation.
ICDR Arbitration

The international business community historically has used arbitration to resolve cross-border commercial disputes. A majority of the world’s nations has ratified the New York Convention, which provides for enforcement of arbitral decisions. Supportive laws also are in place in many countries that serve to provide a favorable climate for arbitration. International commercial arbitration awards are supported by national courts in most parts of the world.

ICDR Mediation

Mediation, the most commonly accessed of the ICDR’s non-binding processes, is becoming increasingly more acceptable for the resolution of international business disputes across businesses, cultures, industries, legal systems, and geographical boundaries. The ICDR offers mediation in every case, working with parties to help them understand the process and to find a mediator tailored to their dispute.