ICDR Canada

The International Centre for Dispute Resolution Canada (ICDR® Canada) provides dispute resolution services for Canadian domestic disputes nationwide. ICDR Canada operates under the auspices of the ICDR.

ICDR Canada provides full administrative services and support from case filing to closing in English and French for arbitration, mediation, and arbitrator appointment services for parties located throughout Canada’s provinces and territories. Canadian parties have access to a dedicated administrative team and dozens of independent arbitrators and mediators across Canada.

The Canadian Dispute Resolution Procedures (Including Arbitration and Mediation) are specifically tailored for Canadian practice.

ICDR Canada Clause Drafting

ICDR Canada Clause-Drafting Guide: English and ICDR Canada Clause-Drafting Guide: French tailor the clause-drafting process to Canadian parties.

How to File a Case with ICDR Canada

Online at AAAWebFile®: www.adr.org/onlinefiling

Email: casefiling@icdrcanada.org

ICDR Case Filing Services can be contacted at:
1.844.859.0845 (Toll-free phone within Canada)


ICDR Canada has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Arbitration Place in Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario to facilitate the scheduling of ICDR Canada hearings in that Province. ICDR also has access to other hearing locations across Canada.


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